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For General Public

A review is a person’s first-hand experience with a business.

We have provided a platform for reviews to be submitted which gives our fellow mates the opportunity to share the experiences they’ve had with Australian businesses. They also help others decide which businesses to use.

We accept both positive and negative reviews, so long as they appear to be honest, authentic and written by someone who has had first-hand experience with the business.

We love reviews which are insightful, inspiring or funny. Providing as much detail and supporting information as possible will make it more likely for a review to be accepted.

We remove reviews which:

  • Don’t appear to be based on a genuine experience.
  • Contain offensive or derogatory material. This includes anything racist, sexist or homophobic.
  • Are based on rumour or second-hand information (for example, an experience your partner or friend had).
  • Are defamatory. This means to falsely or unjustly damage someone’s reputation, this includes stating a person’s full name, contact details, location or any form of identification.
  • Contain swear words.
  • Contains any personal identifiable information that is not available to the general public, for eg. stating a person’s full name and contact details.
  • Are written by a business owner on a competitor’s business listing.
  • Don’t mention specific experiences with the business.
  • Are written in a language other than English or which don’t make sense.
  • May be in contempt of court. This includes reviews and comments containing references to legal cases currently before court.
  • Contain claims of food poisoning or illegal activity. We encourage reviewers who have experienced these issues to contact the relevant authorities.
  • Contain repeated information (for example a direct copy and paste from another review).

Leaving a review with just a rating and without any comments may also result in your review being removed.

We also don’t accept reviews by business owners, their staff, or ex-staff, on their own business listings. This includes business owners writing testimonials on behalf of customers and staff or ex-staff writing disgruntled criticisms of the business.

If you notice a review that doesn’t seem legitimate or is in breach of our guidelines, hit the “Report Review” button and our team will be notified to investigate the review immediately.

If a business listing seems incorrect or is providing or advertising false information, please click the “Report Listing” button available in the business listing page.

Please also send an email to support@talentree.com.au with the subject title being the name of the business reported (eg. Subject Title: Arnold’s XYZ Bikes) and provide us the information that you believe is incorrect or false, so that we can investigate the matter as soon as possible.

Please note it is mandatory that both steps mentioned above are done in order for us to look into the matter further.

For Business Owners

Tags are typically words or phrases that people would type to find your business. They’re all about summing the key elements of your business or the experiences you want to provide in a few words.

We’ll reject a tag if:

  • It contains swear words
  • It’s offensive or derogatory
  • It’s defamatory or makes legal references
  • It’s in a foreign language or does not make sense
  • It appears to be for the wrong business
  • The business tagged is closed, moved or had changed

You are free to upload photos or videos relevant to your business and that you have authority to use.

We will reject a photo or video if it:

  • Is offensive or derogatory
  • Appears to be for the wrong business
  • Does not relate to your business or/and your services.